Risk Culture Framework

You can download the RISK CULTURE FRAMEWORK LEAFLET but each component is also explained below.


Risk Culture Framework is based on the concept of ‘4 State of Man’ coined by Sir Charles Haddon-Cave. It also aims to synthesise the ‘Risk Culture Model’ developed by Institute of Risk Management and the fundamental risk management processes defined in ICAO Safety Management Manual (Doc. 9859) and ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard. The framework aims to describe what the attributes of risk management systems are and the key descriptors of organisational risk behaviour. While labeling organisations sometimes can be counterproductive, the framework provides an opportunity to identify and improve areas so that the organisation seeks to develop a ‘Risk Sensible’ organisational culture.

Please take a look at the PROPOSED RISK CULTURE FRAMEWORK.

I would welcome your feedback (email@riskculture.org) however critical it may be. The development of the framework was also influenced by several organisational and safety culture models developed over the decades, The details can be viewed in the bibliography section of this presentation. Development of Risk Culture Framework and Its Assessment Method


Risk Culture Assessment Method includes how the attributes / characteristics of risk culture described in the framework can be explored. The method is based on mainly the concept introduced by Edgar Schein, the three levels of organisational culture. Many (safety) culture assessment methods and tools developed over the years, tend to focus on capturing the views of workforce or line management. In many cases, they aim to collect quantitative data via questionnaires with high number of questions and then carry out statistical analysis of such data   Risk Culture Assessment Framework aims to collect data in various ways to capture the three layers of culture of course by focusing on risk and its management. Again, please take a look at the table and let me know your views, however critical they may be. (email@riskculture.org)


Risk Culture Assessment Project Plan offers an outline of the potential activities that how we can collaboratively conduct an assessment in your organisation. It aims to demonstrate how much / little commitment required. Of course it can be further discussed and tailored to your organisation’s needs. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to explore more. (email@riskculture.org)