Hudai Toros Memorial Bursary

My great uncle, Hudai Toros came to UK during the WWII to be trained as a pilot. Unfortunately he lost his life in a Spitfire accident on the 10th of November 1944. He is buried at Brookwood Cemetery together with the other 13 Turkish airmen who lost their lives between 1942 and 1945. There is very limited information about the accident and I am trying to find more.

One of the respondents to the questionnaire will be given the opportunity of attending a course at Cranfield University. Hopefully this will help to boost the numbers but also enable me to contact the same respondents every year so that I can conduct a longitudinal study in coming years.

Wouldn’t it be great if an organisation (airline, maintenance organisation or professional association) would be willing to sponsor another participant to attend a course. This doesn’t have to be a Cranfield course. If your organisation is interested in supporting a professional’s career development, please do get in touch.

Bursary News - Tim Cullen